Interview with Girish Gupta: the Power of Decisiveness

I met Girish in October 2010 in Mexico City after he responded to a Craiglist ad of mine.  We both arrived in the Mexican capital that month with a similar ambition: to be a reporter in a foreign country right out of college.  The difference was that I had come with five suitcases and a […]

Setback: My Birth Control Pills Induced Acute Mental Disorder

I was really hoping my first post-intro entry in this blog would be filled with great news about how shockingly easy it is to succeed as a freelancer.  Unfortunately, that won’t be the case.  I’ve made not a single penny freelancing yet.  For the past two weeks, I have been struggling with the nightmarish side-effects […]

7 Fun Steps toward Success as a Freelancer

I’m going to assume that my last entry motivated you to quit your 9-5 job and start being the freelance journalist you’ve always dreamed of being.  Here are 7 basic initial steps that I hope can lead to success.   I’ll be using them as I start my self-employed journey, that you can follow on this […]

My Last Week In An Office, Ever.

I’ve made a habit all my life of doing whatever people tell me I can’t. It’s why I, a petite girl (5′ 2″) own a beautiful, wasp-like Yamaha FZ16 motorcycle.  It’s why I moved to Mexico City after more than two decades of a sheltered, rather superficial existence in southern California.  It’s why I threw […]